Remote Android Developer (UTC+7)


Mail.Ru 02/2019 - 09/2020 Senior Android Developer
Develop and maintain ICQ for Android
Siberian.Pro 05/2018 - 01/2019 Lead Android Developer
Develop, maintain and lead SWITIPS - Cashback service app
Develop, maintain and lead Exoatlet - Exoskeleton manipulation app
Modulkassa 04/2017 - 05/2018 Senior Android Developer
Develop and maintain Modulkassa - app for point of sale
Started writing the blog and Open Source projects
SberTech 08/2016 - 04/2017 Java Developer
Got the experience of writing enterprise applications in a big company
Freematiq 12/2015 - 08/2016 Middle Android Developer
Develop and maintain iRetail - app for point of sale
Grew up from Junior to Middle developer


[DEV] Digital Meetup #4 04/2019 Unit-testing: Mocks VS Fakes (in Russian)

Siberian.Pro talks 12/2018 Static Analysis: How to make it work (in Russian)

Siberian.Pro talks 12/2018 Optimize development process (in Russian)


ASTU 2011 - 2015 Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Information Technologies, Program Engineering
GPA: 4.85 out of 5.00

Open projects

Iwillfailyou 2020 Iwillfailyou is a static analyser for elegant code.
Jood 2020 Jood is an object oriented sql-database library written in Java.
PorFlavor 2019 PorFlavor is a gradle plugin for extending android productFlavors.
Nullfree 2019 Nullfree will fail your build if your project has a null.
Arspell 2018 Arspell is a resources spell testing library.


Winner (1st place) 2015 Altai Universiade - 2015. What is Altai Universiade? Winner (2nd place) 2015 IT Planet: Programming: Java. What is IT-Planet? Scholarship 2014 President scholarship. Winner (2nd place) 2013 ACM ICPC 2013 West Siberian. What is ACM ICPC?


Tel: +7(913) 253 67-69
Email: [email protected]
Github: nikialeksey
Twitter: nikialeksey
LinkedIn: nikialeksey
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About me

I'm the one who better writes scalable, maintainable, inappropriate algorithm than optimal but not readable. A code maintainability is always prioritized over those of his efficiency.

My personality type: INTJ from MBTI tests


Russian native
English Pre-Intermediate


Java primary language
Kotlin primary language
Python secondary language
Android SDK, RxJava, Room, Material, MVP, MVI, OkHttp, Retrofit, LeakCanary, Stetho, Profiler, Gradle, Maven
CI/CD build automate, TravisCI, Gitlab CI, Circle CI, TeamCity, Jenkins, Docker, Artifactory, Maven Central, jCenter
Git git-flow, rebase, cherry-pick, unsquash commits


Programming is my hobby and job
Singing makes me happy